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Chrome youtube: uncheck top comments & top comments

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Hi.  What exactly do you want to happen?  Are you looking to clip just the image and the link to the video?  Or is your complaint that you get different options on different pages?

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thanks again, gazumped. yeah, exactly. i want to have the same format (image, title, link to the webpage, etc.). use it for educational purpose. nowadays, webclipper does check it randomly. 


p.s: i'm not a big fan of reading pages of comments after comments in youtube;) 

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Yeah - Clipper has been a bit..erratic recently.  There're s'posed to be new versions in the pipeline (I think) - meantime any luck with using the other options in the list - selection / article / simplified article?  Either way I'd suggest a support request / tweet to @EvernoteHelps to report the issue...

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