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[Bug] Feedback form doesn't work on Android 7 (EMUI 5)



I've tried submitting some feedback through the app, but it doesn't seem to work. I get to choose the first category, i.e. "How can we help you with?" -> Feedback and Communication. Then the "Tell us more." text appears, but without any other input method.




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The same thing for me... And even trying to find what to do on here is confusing to figure out.

I actually wanted to ask about a few things, if they were bugs/known issues on app on not. One was the support issue, as others have mentioned, on app.

Another, is, for me at least - anytime I cut/copy from app, then paste it later (I do my own song lyrics, so you know - there's choruses... Haha! And other copying/pasting too) ... The text suddenly is gigantic! Like 3-5 times bigger!!! If you copy and past that later, it magnifies 3-5 times bigger than last increase... Haha! And I've yet to figure out a way to decrease that text size/make all text same size later, or prevent it from pasting that way.

Love the app though - hate this setup for support, and it not working at all from app.

Thanks for reading!


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