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some clips are one letter wide in web app


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Some of my saved articles display only 1 character wide in Evernote web (Chrome), completely unreadable, whereas they look fine in the Mac application. Compare the screenshots -- that is the same article in the web browser and in the Mac app.

I don't see a bug report link so I am posting this here.

article in Evernote Mac.png

article in Evernote Web.png

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Hi.  The formatting on some pages still defeats Clipper - my suspicious mind suggests that in some cases it's meant to be hard to copy the page other than by whatever print/ copy/ store options the page itself offers.  

If you do find pages like this it's necessary to apply a little ingenuity to get a 'clean' copy.  And yes I did get that this clip works in the Mac but not in the browser - which suggests that the copy from web to Mac and then back to Web is the problem in this case,  but since it isn't likely to be fixed before you might want to start cooking,  the answer is the same.

Have a look for a 'print this page' option which might give you a cleaner option,  or try clipping in a mobile browser which will have a different layout.  Look at the various options - Article/ Simplifiied Article/ Page to see if you get a different result;  and try screenshots as a further options - save a JPG rather than a PDF or HTML copy.

Finally look at the various other web pages out there which exist to convert pages to PDF or print,  and your browser options to print to PDF or (really worst case) print it to paper and re-scan the paper!

As you have a Mac and (I think) can print a note to PDF,  you could try printing this note directly and adding the PDF to a new note which will be visible in both displays.

Good luck.  :)

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Thank you very much for your suggestions. I take it from your response that this is not something I should wait for Evernote to fix, and that perhaps it simply cannot be. I use Evernote as a handy and super-fast way to clip and tag stuff as I breeze past it, that I *might* wish to revisit some day. I rarely even have Evernote application open on the Mac where I sync it. Most of the times I want to "look something up" I want to get to it really quickly and use the web app rather than launch yet-another-application on my Mac. And my laptop is Windows 10 with an SSD drive, I do not wish to install an Evernote app and sync to the Windows computer.

Print to pdf is an option on the Mac (The print option is called "Send pdf to Evernote") which then launches the app and opens the new note in a window ready for tagging and filing in a notebook. Not optimal because, again, this is now yet another application I am running and have to wait to launch in the middle of an insanely busy day with 3000 other details ... and I really don't need the app open, all I wanted to do was clip a page. I don't think there is any Save PDF to Evernote option on my Windows computer so my only option there is using the clipper extension in Chrome.

Anyhow. At least it was only a recipe and not a critical business document of some kind :-)

And I just made the recipe today for the first time, it was great! The way I was able to see the recipe in my kitchen when it is unreadable on my laptop in Evernote/Chrome?




thanks again for the reply.

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