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Samuel G


I want to be able to arrange my startup page as I wish--I want to be able to see my list of notebooks (not random notes).  I can do this from my windows 10 PC but not on my iPad.  Seems like I used to be able to personalize my start up screen.  Not a good development, in my opinion.

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I added my vote

A point of correction: You are not seeing random notes; the display is "All Notes" in the sequence you selected as default

How is this different from your other request


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Same! It's different because I have over 5000 notes and I don't want to be dumped into a list of them, even if that list is in order. The old home screen let me jump to that list if I wanted, or notebooks, tags, shortcuts, or recents. It was much faster than having to drag down to search or tap the tag or notebook buttons. The new app also seems much slower in general (the app itself not just me using it). 


The new shortcuts screen could serve this purpose if there were an option to always open to it (or to always open to the last view used -- I keep getting dumped out of notes I was working on when I leave the app too). 

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