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Graphical User Interface



I have been using EN excessively at the center of my digital life for three or four years now. Its flexibility in mapping my digital processes on top of its database continues to amaze me day in and day out. over the last few months it dawned on me however that this could be improved still, in fact I would argue by orders of magnitude.

the tremendous flexibility of EN is still largely used through a text centric and pretty static interface, however there have been very interesting experiments to add a more graphical approach to it. just think of bubble browser, an evernote add on (if you have not looked at it, you might want to do so now - however as far as I can tell it has been broken for a while now). another example is trello. all the data beneath it exists in EN (at least for me, but I am sure that holds true for many of us), I just cannot *show* it as intuitively as in trello.

the "only" piece EN is missing is a graphical representation that is flexible enough to allow for bubbles, columns, rows and maybe a few other ways to group notes, notebooks and tags and to manipulate / change the notebook and tag affiliation of a note by dragging it from one part (e.g. column) of the used defined representation to another.

or to summarize my feature request is a significant improvement in the UI of the EN app, allowing the user to much more freely define how (s)he wants her data represented. this would make my most favorite digital tool even better.

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I found the graphical representation worked if you confine your data organization to hierarchical, as in Notebooks

When you added relational organization by using Tags, the graphic got quite confusing.  The entities are cross-linked various ways causing the joining lines to be a jumble

edited: my experience is from using mind map apps, and a "bubble view" service

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DTLow, how did you arrive at this conclusion? or in other words what graphical representation did you use / try?

bubble browser (while it was still working on my mac) gave me quick insights into my data I was not getting as easily with the existing interface. a trello like interface (essentially columns with pre-defined notebooks and / or tags for that column and with notes being dragged between these columns getting the attributes of the column they move to, doesn't sound too hard either. if nothing else implementing these two as additional "views" would be amazing already, however I am sure the EN guys could do something more general (and thus flexible - the amazing strength of EN)...

so I guess with putting some more thought into it, providing the user base with UI flexibility should be doable and could be a tremendous step forward for EN. just my two cents worth...

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