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Blue arrow icon showed up out of nowhere

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I started a new notebook today and added over a hundred new files to various notes, moving the files around and adding text. I was writing text in one of the new notes when a different notebook that was created over a year ago suddenly turned blue and has a new blue con with a right facing arrow appeared. I've never seen that event before.

I've checked online and on the forum. Some people say it indicates that the notebook has been shared, or it indicates that it's a local notebook, or it indicates that it's a notebook that needs syncing. I've looked into those issues. It's not a local notebook - I use Evernote on multiple computers, iPad, and on my phone. I checked if it's got a URL that can be shared, but no - it's not setup to share. I manually synced to the web. 

It's still there.

Please advise.

mysterious blue icon.JPG

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