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Cant save PDF in the Notebook

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Hi.  Is it a big PDF file?  If you exceeded your note size limit,  or upload limit for the month you would have problems;  and sometimes bigger files just take a while to import and appear in the note.

You could try attaching the file via the paperclip icon,  or even just drag and drop it to the desktop first,  then into the note. For reasons best known to Windows clipboard,  dropping things to the desktop first sometimes helps.

How to attach a file in a note

What are the system limits of Evernote?

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22 minutes ago, TIddly27 said:

I just began having problems also.  I drag from explorer, once it crosses into evernote the universal red NO symbol appears and it does not work,

I know of several drop areas in Evernote for Windows client:

  • inside a note in the note editor (the note body, not in the note title or editing toolbar)
  • your note list (the actual list, not the reminders panel)
  • On a notebook in the notebook list in the left panel

There may be others. Have you tried the above?

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Dropping in note list creates a new note.

I am attempting to add to the note body

Do not want to drop in notebook list, adds a new note as in item one above.

This used to work just fine, suddenly I can no longer drag and drop a file into an existing note.

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Just now, TIddly27 said:

But I can not in the note panel.  I could do this before, but can no longer, what a PAIN!

I tested this before I wrote my reply. Make sure that you're not trying to drag the PDF onto reminders (i.e., close the reminders panel) if you're using Snippet, Card, or Thumbnail view. Note that if you're trying to drag onto one of the list views, you cannot drag it onto the first entry in the list, for some reason, which seems like a small bug.

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