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I just signed up for evernote plus, and am enjoying the new upload limit of 1 gig per month. However, I learned on my hard drive is an evernote exb file which I believe grows proportionately with how much I upload to evernote. For example, if I attach 1 gigabyte of files to my notes per month, at the end of the year my exb file will be 12 gigs. So in just 5 years, this exb file could be 60 gigs on my hard drive, correct? 

I don't like the idea of having to store what will be soon the largest single file on my hard drive. Am I the only one uncomfortable with this?


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That's the way it works today, but that will change soon. See the discussion on the latest beta for the Evernote Windows client here: 

...specifically the stuff about demand syncing.

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