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Warning Before Deleting an Attachment



Would like to have it be an optional 2-step process to delete PDFs and attachments from notes.  Currently it is as easy as deleting text.  Would be nice to have a pop-up saying "are you sure you want to delete this attachment" with the standard option box of "do not show this message again" if the user doesn't want the 2-step process.  Or perhaps make it so the user has to drag the attachments to the trash manually (where they can perhaps recover them at a later time).  At the moment if I hit the backspace button too many times and delete an attachment, the best solution I can find is to try to hit "Undo", but that only works short term (i.e. if I don't leave the note).

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This is an even more worrisome problem in iOS, and it can result in permanent, unintended data loss very easily. This seems like a simple problem to fix, and I can't understand why it isn't among the top priorities.

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