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How to subscribe to business notes

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I work with a group of 80 teachers that use Evernote on iPads. We share curriculum with teachers through the shared business notes feature. In version 7 teachers would go to notebooks, go to company notebooks, subscribe.

In verison 8, we can't for the life of us figure out how to subscribe to business notebooks form the iPad. We have a new school year starting in 2 weeks and our core curriculum sharing is based on subscribing to company notebooks.

Is this really a web/computer only feature now?

Teachers don't have computer access, and need to do this on their iPads.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi.  I'm not a user,  so hopefully some others with actual experience will be able to chime in here;  but a quick web search got me to:

What’s new for our Evernote Business customers

For Evernote Business customers, who rely on Evernote to stay productive in both their personal and professional lives, there’s a clearer division between your personal and business notes, notebooks, shortcuts, and saved searches. This way, you won’t accidentally save a cake recipe to your company’s marketing team notebook and your company meeting notes won’t appear in your family’s shared travel planning notebook.

We’ve also made it easier to switch between your personal and business accounts. Simply long-press ‘Account’ on the tab bar to switch to another account.


More at https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2017/01/17/evernote-8-0/

Business users also have access to the Chat feature on the support page if you need some more specific help.

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Hi Gazumped,

Thanks for that. sadly that was one of the only things that I was able to find as well, but sadly that only describes how to switch to your business account from your personal one. Once you have done that you can see your business related notebooks, notes, and all the company notebooks I had joined prior to the update to version 8. However there doesn't seem to be anyway, that I can find, to see the "published" notebooks and "join" them like there was in version 7.

Such a shame when something that was working and was an essential part of your tool set and operations is removed, leaving paying customers scrambling to find solutions in a work place environment :(

Thanks again for trying.

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Hmmn.  Who is the Administrator of your school's business notebook?  I thought it was possible to share a business notebook with someone outside the company owners of that notebook - so that a company could share a notebook with groups of customers forinstance.  It might help in your current situation to stop the current sharing setup,  and then re-share to all the participating teachers so their connection is refreshed.

Your Admin should certainly be able to get some specialised help from Evernote if s/he needs it to sort out this issue - and there are a couple of business users around here who may be able to chime in with more specific comments.

Good luck with the situation - do let us know when (and how) you get it fixed! 

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Hello Again,

I am the Admin ;)

Sadly, looks like my suspicions were correct, they have removed this extremely important feature!


From my support chat yesterday...

ME: Hello, I am the admin for a group of 80 teachers that use evernote in the classroom. We use Evernote with iPads to share and distribute curriculum. OUr model up until now has been to create curriculum from a single account and publish it to our business account. Teachers would then join the notebook from the company list of available notebooks. However, in Version 8 noone can find a place to subscribe to published company notebooks. We don't have computers, and Evernote web doesn't work on the iPad, it says to use app. What can we do? How can teachers subscribe to our published notebooks?

EN: Hi! At this time there isn't a way to join business notebooks from the iOS Evernote application, this would need to be done using the desktop app or Evernote.com. Once the notebook has been joined you'll be able to access it from the iOS app. Because the Evernote webpage isn't optimized for use on mobile devices, you'd need to access this site using a computer web browser



How crushing for our organization. Am now actively looking for a system that offers opt in content sharing for group of people in the same organization to replace Evernote. Does Google or MS ofger these features? 

As a paying organization for over 3 years, this is so dissapointing, especially considering the thousands of curriculum documents we have shared. With 2 weeks until start of the new school year (April here), we are in a tailspin :(

Thanks again for your help gazumped.

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I'm very unimpressed that Evernote seem to have dumped important features used by subscribers without any notice or apology,  and I'm sorry this particular query didn't have a more positive ending!  Good luck with the search for a replacement - if it's not too cheeky,  let us know what you eventually decide to use...

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