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Zoom feature in sketch



Dear Evernote Team,

I am using Evernote to take notes on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. The zooming feature in sketch has become a very serious problem for me. As I approach to the bottom of the page, it uncontrollably and unintentionally zooms ins/outs which drives me nuts and makes the note taking experience unbearable. 

Here are two ways to solve this problem:

1) Add a button to lock the zoom (which I think it is very easy to implement code-wise)

2) Change the zoom gesture from two fingers to something like 3 fingers or 4 fingers. I think this will solve the problem of palm effect. 

Please do not try to solve this problem by some sort of "smart detection of palm position" etc. People change palm positions all the time during a real note taking session. 

Could you please be kind to tell me if you have any intention to solve this problem in the upcoming release (or patch/update). Or is it going to be as it is in the future releases? 

Thank you

A very curious mind. 

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