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Syncing Evernote notes TO Penultimate

Stanley N

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On 3/14/2017 at 6:04 AM, Stanley N said:

I have been using Evernote for a while and just started using Penultimate. I have had no problem seeing my Penultimate notes in Evernote, but my Evernote notes do not seem to sync to Penultimate. Is there a solution for this?

The same is happening to me. is there anyone so kind to help us? Thanks.

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Think of Penultimate  as an input source for Evernote like emailing in a note.  Changes made in a Penultimate notes are synced back and forth, but you will not see notes that only exist in Evernote sync into Penultimate.

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Penultimate has one way input so to speak. It is made for handwriting notes but not to see all your notes from your actual Evernote account. If you notice on your Penultimate notes in your main Evernote app there will be a lock on them. They have to be edited from inside Penultimate.

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