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Notes list view sometimes truncate the title



Evernote V8.1 for iPad Notes list view for some notes doesn't show complete title. In my Example "Convert Generic Collection to DataTable  is shown as "Convert Generic Collection to" ( no DataTable shown)
I've tried different Note List options, but DataTable consistently not shown.
Most of the notes titles are shown correctly in 1 or 2 lines. For long title and Large mode the title is correctly shown in 6 lines.
This minor issue is not important for me, but if you want to fix it, my note can be a test example.
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I’m having the same issue, now in 2018. What’s strange is that some longer notes will display the full note name using a second line, while other, sometimes shorter notes will only show the first part of the note name that can be displayed on the first line (i.e. it does not display the remainder of the note name on a second line). I found that I could get some of these note names to show completely via a second line by by modify the name, such as adding an additional character on the end.


Note Named: Receipt 2017-05-28 Walmart $165.82.pdf

Shows As: Receipt 2017-05-28 Walmart

($165.82 is missing)


Note Named: Receipt 2017-05-28 Walmart $165.82a.pdf

Shows As: Receipt 2017-05-28 Walmart $165.82a

($165.82a now shows on a second line)

But this does not work the same way on every note. I haven’t figured out the exact pattern as of yet, but it may have something to do with the title itself (length, type/combination of characters used, etc?). Btw, both of these examples were scanned in at the same time using the same scanner and settings. Using app on iPad Air 2.
Any update?
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