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How to prevent new note window from appearing on a wrong monitor?

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Hi.  There are New Note Options in Tools > Options > Note which include 'create a new note in a new window'.  Untick that if you'd prefer to have the new note appear in the main app instead.  If you want the separate window to appear in one or other of your displays,  start a new window,  drag it to the correct location and close it down.  Subsequent windows will appear in that spot.

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20 hours ago, rgavrilov said:

I have two monitors. When I press Ctrl+N window pops up on a wrong monitor (regardless of which monitor Evernote window is on). How do I change that?

Typically Evernote opens new notes on whichever monitor last had a note closed on it. so if you have EN in your main monitor and 15 open notes there, but you drag one to the 2nd monitor and close it there, EN will open the new on on the 2nd monitor. I am always careful to drag notes back to my main monitor before closing them for this reason.

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