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Optimise the Help & Learning pages for Chrome



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I just started using Chrome again on one laptop after Firefox was using far too much memory and CPU time for comfort,  and noticed that the usability of the help and learning pages is vastly different if you use Chrome.  This is my Firefox view on this laptop - notice the search bar?  That's pretty important for looking up stuff,  right?


OK - now check out what I see in Chrome.  No header,  and no search;  which means if the topic isn't on the front page,  I have no way to find it.  (Well OK,  there's Google,  but hey..)

I also wonder whether this difference has anything to do with some folks' apparent inability to find the Support link,  even though they're paying customers...

If this is a settings issue I apologise - but meantime Chrome users - you're (maybe) missing out!

ScreenClip [1].png

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Doh.  Dumped a couple of extensions I didn't like anyway,  exited the developer mode and cleared history from 'the beginning of time' and miraculously the full view is back.  OK folks - nothing to see here..  just me having a meltdown...  :unsure:

Now.  What was my Google log-in again?  (Just kidding - Lastpass is on it.)

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