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CSS transitions make UI feel slow



Hello Evernote!

I use Evernote for Web because there is no native client for my operating system. I use it heavily throughout a day and I need the UI to be responsive to my fast mouse input. I have noticed that there are CSS transitions employed all over the place and they make UI feel sluggish. This sluggishness makes my experience with Evernote for Web really uncomfortable, because I change between notes and notebooks so frequently that even 0.3s delay is annoying. So I created a userstyle which disables CSS transitions:

.GIKW210HCB, .GIKW210LCB, .GIKW210E3, .GIKW210FR, .GIKW210HR, .GIKW210L, .GIKW210M {
	-webkit-transition:none !important;
	transition:none !important;

So far it gets the job done. But those generated CSS classes might change in the future and this will require time to adjust for new class names.

So would you mind giving power users an option to disable CSS transitions somewhere in the settings?

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