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Add "Files" List to Sidebar (like "Notebooks")



Make "Files" or "Drive" a list, and a first class citizen, in the Left Panel/Sidebar and have it behave the same as other lists "Notebooks", "Tags" and "Trash".  The "Drive" list will hold my files (PDF, video, images or whatever is a file).  Files are not notes.

The benefit to me is I can easily visualize my files I want uploaded/downloaded and/or synced without having to open notes to get to the file.  I can easily move groups of files and I am used to file managers.

This could be done as an inversion of Evernote's "note has files" to the new view "file has notes".  The Evernote "note" becomes the metadata of the file.  Both views "Notebooks" and "Files" can exist side-by-side as different lists over the same data in the same database.

To mange files, I either drag'n'drop files into the files list or use Evernote's "Import Folders ..." function. 

I just want a list of my files and this reduces the friction between embedded files in notes and a list of files.

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