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Inconsistent Search Results

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As I'm standing in the store in front of the ink cartridges, I pulled up Evernote on my phone and searched for "ink."  I got some article (not relevant). I KNOW I have the cartridges I need listed here!

When I got to my desktop, I started to dig around and confirmed that my two devices on the basic plan are indeed desktop and phone. Check.  

On the desktop
I typed "ink" and got some invoice (again, not relevant).Then I typed "ink cartridges" and YES, images of the packaging appear telling me what I need to buy.  

In the browser.  I tried both searches. No results. 

On my phone. I tried both searches. No results. If I'm out shopping, I NEED it to be here.

VERY disappointed in this. Does anyone know what version had a working search function, and how do I revert to it?

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This happens to me once in a while too. I will look for the note and search does not list it. And I know it is there!

Then I will try a different search or a tagged search, now it will list it. It is frustrating I agree. 

Sometimes I even question myself, did I not see this note in my first search? But it happened to many times that I quit second guessing myself. :)

Using a different search for words that would be in the same note might be the solution here.

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