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emails from evernote leaking security problem

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I'm getting emails from evernote one very minute.. like this different user every time... you have a leaking data problem.

I couldn't raise a ticket, you've made it impossible to do.


Hello Evernote User.

You recently attempted to send an email message from your Evernote account.

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver the email to your intended recipient(s).

The email was returned to us as undeliverable and no further delivery attempts are possible.

Please verify the email address(es) you used. Some ideas:

  • Check for typos

  • Check for extra spaces

Details on the undeliverable email message:

Hi Anto Marley


Thank you,

- The Evernote Team

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Hi.  This is a user forum with different threads for different products.  Are you an Evernote Business user?  If so you should have access to Evernote's online support and chat options,  plus an Admin in your own company.  They may be able to help you deal with this.

If you're not a Business user,  what's your OS and which Evernote product are you using?  Desktop,  web or mobile?

It looks as though someone made an attempt to send one or more notes to a mailing list of several recipients,  and the email fails are being notified back to you.  This isn't a 'data leak' as such,  just a failed operation with some email fallout.

If you can give us more background (this is the Evernote -mostly- user supported forum) maybe we can help...

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