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Trouble Contacting Support

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I'm a premium user and am trying to contact support. I've used messaging on the Twitter evernotehelps page and also sent a tweet, but not getting any answer. When I try the help.evernote.com page to create a ticket, there is no option to create a ticket. How do I contact support and create a ticket?

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20 minutes ago, PatrickTGB said:

I'm a premium user and am trying to contact support.

I use the support page at Contact Evernote Support

I'm already signed in via the forum so I don't sign in
I anser some questions, then click on click on Chat or Submit Ticket

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27 minutes ago, Irwin said:

What? There is no "Submit Ticket" button.

The chat / ticket submission is a feature for paying accounts

Non-paying accounts can contact support using  Twitter @evernotehelps  

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Ok, well maybe a good suggestion for evernote is to actually tell people that? Don't you think they should say just that at some point instead of lead people on in some strange loop? I think it makes people mad and frustrated. I certainly now don't feel like ever signing up for any paid accounts because of the frustration in this just basic support.

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