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5 hours ago, GadgetBoy said:

I've read through a bunch of posts here and via Google. 

Is there no way to rotate a PDF within a note unless I am a Mac user? 

The featureset is optimized for each platform. 
Page rotation is a feature on Macs, and included in the Evernote app
If not offered in the Evernote, you may have to use a dedicated pdf app
Let us know your platform

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21 minutes ago, GadgetBoy said:

Windows platform.

Need to get a PDF editor then.  There are free and paid PDF editing tools that can be used rotate PDFs.  Probably some mentioned somewhere in these forums. 

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2 minutes ago, GadgetBoy said:


I thought I remembered it being part of the Evernote install...

Quote from the linked post: "Evernote has selected Foxit PDF technology to display and search pdf documents for their Evernote Windows application". Emplasis on "display and search": Evernote's PDF support on Windows is just as a reader, not an editor. Current practice on Windows is to activate the document from Evernote using a PDF application that you can edit with, modify it, and then save save it back into Evernote. Perhaps someday they'll move into being an editor.

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12 minutes ago, GadgetBoy said:

Isn't the Evernote Reader from Foxit an editor?

My understanding is that Evernote uses the Foxit technology for viewing PDFs in Windows

This is not a dedicated PDF editor app

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