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hi all

some of my documents have lost their formatting - pages with no carriage returns so all the list runs as a long stream of text. notes with one heading (and showing a preview of what i expect) but when i open it there is completely different information attached. hope someone can help. the gadget list used to show a different preview detailing what was in the list but it's all changed now too. the asda snack one shows what i mean i hope, the title isn't anything to do with it.58c15bbc9b6da_evernoteformatting.thumb.PNG.d71b8b9edb84e4dbdce0d7538e6fd710.PNG

thanks in advance.

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On 3/9/2017 at 6:44 AM, Mlc100 said:


hi all

some of my documents have lost their formatting


Did you recently look at the notes in an 8.0 version of EN on IOS?  I had a table which I reviewed on IOS and when I got back to my PC the table format was borked.  I was able to recover from Note History, but still....

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