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Merging Inbox Notebook with Penultimate Notebook

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I am new to Penultimate and noticed that a separate notebook is automatically made using Penultimate App instead of Evernote. Is it possible to use (merge) just one notebook (For this purpose - My Main Inbox) for all notes captured including those coursed through Penultimate?

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I understand that this is an old post however, have you located an answer to this?

When I was using Penultimate App, I treated the notebook that was created almost like another "Collection Box" (aka Inbox) in Evernote so that I review that regularly and move the notes into notebooks and tagged them appropriately. But I was not able to automatically send the hand written notes via Penultimate into my default Evernote notebook however.

I also did not try too hard either as it was kind of nice to have those type of notes collected in a separate notebook.

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