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Option to disable sidebar auto-minimization (or create a keyboard shortcut to toggle)



I use the split-screen functionality of my macbook a lot... pretty much, constantly, and evernote is always up on (at least) one side of my screen.

But, every time I do this, the sidebar minimizes.  It doesn't completely hide, but it narrows to the point where all you can see are the icons (notes, notebooks, tags, etc...) and I have to manually open it back up with my mouse.  This process is often glitchy, for whatever reason, and frustrating in general.

It would be nice to have the option to disable this auto-reduction or even to be given a keyboard shortcut that can quickly counter this.

They keyboard shortcut might be nicer if there are users out there who wish to do the opposite.

Note:  I am aware there is a shortcut that allows you to show and hide the sidebar completely.  This is not what I am speaking to.  Additionally, after the sidebar has already been minimized, the shortcut only "shows" the minimized version after you hide it again, unless, of course, you open it up manually with your mouse.

Please and thanks!

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