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Kara, I read your article at Medium.com. It was very good --- an insightful description of the thinking and process that went into and goes into the overall design of Evernote iOS.

I'm suspecting, though, that in dealing with he big picture that some small things get overlooked. As an example, I am what I would guess are many Evernote iOS users who long ago wanted a button somewhere to insert the date/time into a Note. I did enough programming over the years to believe that this would not be a lot of effort for the Evernote programmers.

If the date/time stamp is not near the top of your enhancement list, please consider bumping it up.

Continued success to you at Evernote. 

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8 hours ago, Analyst444 said:

\If the date/time stamp is not near the top of your enhancement list, please consider bumping it up.

You should be aware of the process to create a feature request
Go to the request forum and post your discussion there

Chose a better title than "Note to ...", something like "Feature Request: ....."

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Guys, I appreciate your attention and response to my post.

However, all I am interested in is getting a date/time stamp in Evernote iOS. --- In my mind, posting enhancement requests in this forum is not particularly effective. For example, 4 of the top 5 requested enhancements are over 2 years old.

I am hoping to get a response from Kara.

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4 minutes ago, Analyst444 said:

In my mind, posting enhancement requests in this forum is not particularly effective.

And how effective is posting a "Note to Kara Hodecker"?

Evernote set up the forum to get such feedback
It doesn't mean each request gets implemented, but it's a method for users to submit requests and/or shows their support for requests (voting buttons)

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I'm not a designer here, but I'm going to provide an opinion anyway. It's unlikely that a dedicated button will be created to insert date/time on iOS. 

Each note is already time stamped by creation and update date/time

Alternatively, on Mac there is a keyboard shortcut that you can use to insert date/time information into the body of a note. e.g. command+shift+d will insert date


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@briancaldwell - In several to many Notes, I make a list of events / things that transpired. I manually add the date / time.

If I am one of the few people who do this, then I can understand why the Evernote designers think it isn't worthwhile adding date/time stamp.

However, it has always seemed to me that there are a lot of people who make task lists inside Notes. I would guess that it is pretty common that they mark when a task is completed and they, too, would like to be able to automatically add a date/time stamp.

I guess I am wrong.

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I'm sure we've talked about this before too - I just set up various shortcuts in PhraseExpress to give me Ctrl+one key access to the current date in various formats,  with and without the current time.  In Windows we also have the Ctrl+; shortcut which gives date and time in the system format.  There are a couple of apps in Android that will do the same.  I guess it would be convenient to have an Evernote shortcut,  but I have several options - not sure how you'd deal with all of those on a phone keyboard...

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@Analyst444 If this can be at all helpful, while there isn't a direct in-app button to insert date and time, there is a keyboard shortcut to achieve this on iOS - of course meaning that you would need an external keyboard hooked up to your iPad or iPhone. See attached screenshot. 




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