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I don't know which version of android evernote I should use. There are at least 3 versions in the ether now. The one from the Market seems to be the least feature rich. The 1.4b2 version with saved search capability. And now the new improved beta. The 1.4b2 beta with the saved search capability is the one that most meets my needs (I think). I use the mobile version to look things up, and manage my GTD protocol. Does the new beta maintain that capability, or if I moved to that version would the app revert to the search capabilities of the Market version?

I wish the notes could be stored on the device, and now with Froyo (on some devices) local storage is a possibility. This development highlights the problems with using an android device. I imagine supporting an application on the fragmented android code base is going to be like supporting the various versions on the Blackberry. Although I left the iphone because of the politburo mentality of Apple and Jobs, there are benefits to developers of having a monolithic platform.

I think a comparison chart of features, functions and capabilities of each android version, including platforms supported would make our lives easier.

Thanks and good luck.

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On the current beta release (1.4b5), if you start typing the name of a saved search into the search box, you'll see the saved search as an auto-suggest entry in the drop-down list. If you scroll down and select the entry, that search will execute.

I just tested this, and it seemed to work fine.

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I finally had all my saved searches set up and was able to locate my different categories of notes easily. I downloaded the latest version and now I have to open the main screen, hit the menu button, hit notes and wait for it to refresh the screen, hit search and go to the keyboard ( remember names of my saved searches) and start typing it so it pulls up a list and then select it from the list........ before i could just open it and hit saved searches and choose from a list.

How do I get back to the old version? This one is not user friendly for me.

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Thanks for pointing that out. Makes it easier, but I still have to remember my saved searches to see notes in a particular notebook. I would like to see the saved search button added back to the menu or just a list of notebooks so I could easily find what I'm looking for without having to go to the search screen.

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