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ALLOW User to "define/set" tabs for tidy lists



What would be nice is to be able to get "lists" or what I call lists, to be able to be "clean" and consistent in tab behavior...

What I am trying for is this:


  Publix                                  joeschmo@me.com          273656HutHut!

  LingerieWorld.com              joeschmo@me.com          99999$WhoDatx

  somethingORother.com      joeschmo@me.com          2323booyahX


But what usually happens if try and use tabs is:


    Publix                     joeschmo@me.com               273656HutHut!

  LingerieWorld.com         joeschmo@me.com      99999$WhoDatx

     somethingORother.com  joeschmo@me.com   2323booyahX


Make sense?

Consistent tabs eems like a basic, structural nicety in ANY quick note, no? Otherwise I spend a lot of time futzing with the space bar...and kerning issues make that unreliable as well - especially screen to screen and inter OS (I use Mac desktop and laptop iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone) 

my 2¢








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On 3/2/2017 at 1:58 PM, MSVerruto said:

But what usually happens if try and use tabs is:

If/until persistent tabs arrive you could put your sample list into a table.  FWIW.


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