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Tech Support Didn't Help: Desktop Client Acting VERY Erratic

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So, I've been to hell and back with Evernote's tech support without resolution, so it's time to go to the real experts: the community!

For unknown reasons, about 2 months ago my desktop client (windows 8.1 EN 6.4.2.x) started acting erratically.  Many notes were not syncing from the web client (roughly 1/2 of my notes spread across almost all my notebooks), notes - even those created by me! - unlocked in web client were locked on desktop for no reason, and the desktop client itself started to randomly shut down.  Basically, then entire desktop version became utterly unusable.

After 40-ish emails with tech support, multiple uninstall/reinstalls, database rebuilds, etc, nothing seems to have worked.  I love the desktop client to the point that as a power user I find the web interface virtually unusable.

Does anyone else have any ideas what might be happening?  Are there any programs/plugins/updates over the last 6 months or so that have been known to cause conflicts with the desktop client? Is anyone else having such a terrible go of it recently? I'm at my wits end, and near the point of porting all my data to a more reliable platform.  Please help!



Edit: Upon further review, it's much worse than I thought.  I currently have access to 4,740 notes in the web client and a paltry 510 in the desktop client.


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Hi.  Sorry to hear about your issues,  though I'd imagine that we'll just echo everything that Support said -

  • reinstall
  • empty trash folder on your computer and the web
  • check your activity log for any issues
  • Ctrl+click on the red 'sync fail' "!" (assuming you have one)
  • File > Exit Evernote and rename your databases folder,  then restart Evernote to rebuild the database
  • add a new note to the web client and see if it syncs back to the desktop
  • check out the sync fails help for possible inspiration... How to troubleshoot syncing issues

Anything new in that list?  And be warned,  sometimes reinstalling once doesn't do the trick - keep on trying!

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Thanks, @gazumped , but no joke, in the last 24 hours, we found the resolution: I was a personal user of Evernote for a long time, then I joined a company that used Evernote Business.  I always used my personal email address as my login and was invited to joined roughly 50 notebooks with the business account.  Apparently, though, all the Business NBs I joined I was invited to individually, rather than that joined within the business account?  In other words, I accessed all those as an external user to the business account or something like that.

Because I'm not an Evernote Admin at my work, I don't even really know what they were talking about, and we've not had a single issue like this in the 4 years since they implemented Evernote for Business.  But, that was the issue.  One of our admins flipped a switch, and BAM I have access to the 4k notes that I was blocked from.

I only wish that tech support would have added that to the list of questions they asked/issues they considered months back when this all happened.

Ugh.  Technology.


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