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Feature Request - Task assignment

Eduardo Estefano


I just saw this implemented in Dropbox paper and I thought Evernote could copy and improve how they assign tasks for team members.

Basically you can write someone's username like we do here in the forum: @Eduardo 

There could be a combination of the todo checkbox + username.

[ ] @Eduardo please take a look at this task

[ ] @amanda_h please implement this feature

Then there could be a filter:

todo:false username:eduardo

This is possible to implement today using tags. Just that the username within the note would make it easier to emphasize where in the note that someone needs to focus/attention at. 


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FWIW It's already possible to achieve that aim by creating a unique searchable keyword including the name.  '@' isn't a searchable character  So  username:eduardo  might have to be just user_eduardo or Xeduardo...

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Hi @gazumped. I know we can setup Evernote to achieve a similar behavior. What I was thinking for a business deployment that this would be "built-in" the app. 

Today I have setup just that. We tag a note with someone's name and I have setup a filter for each member of the team. We get notified by Slack.

Perhaps for small businesses it is not too big of a pain to go into everyone's computer and setup the saved searches (most users are just users, they can't event install the application). But for a larger organization in more than one site this would get nearly impossible to maintain.

With a built-in feature like this we could also have a section in the email digest with the importante notes to the user; or have the user be notified by email or any other messaging app when attention is needed.

I don't want to transform Evernote into a messaging/emailing/task management app. Just that for a business deployment of Evernote I think these features are important.

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36 minutes ago, Eduardo Estefano said:

What I was thinking for a business deployment that this would be "built-in" the app. 

You have a good point

Its obvious Evernote is trying to move into the Buisness sector.

Task management is no longer niche feature request

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