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Data limit incorrectly reported

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My monthly data limit was reset to 60 MB this morning at Mar 1st, 2017 at 3:00 AM EST. I have created 6 notes after that between 4:45-4:52 AM Mar 1st 2017totaling 229 KB. That is 3.8% of 60 MB

But my account says I have used 31.8 MB (or 53% of my limit), can you explain this discrepancy?  My ticket # is 2032820

Thanks in advance,


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Hi.  This is a mainly ;supported forum,  and we have no access to your ticket.  If your usage data comes from the online account information however,  it will be accurate;  it's a count of how much data has been sent to your account.  If the usage information comes from your local device(s) it will be an estimate only - hence the difference.  I'd suggest you wait for a detailed response from Support.

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