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Fullpage view of PDFs



I would like to have a "fullpage" view of PDFs in Evernote for Windows.

Currently the PDFs are always scaled to full width (see the upper view in the attached image). Therefore i always have to scroll down to read/see the whole page of a PDF.

I would like to have the option to see the whole page of a PDF at once (see the lower view in the attached image).


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This can be accomplished to some extent by narrowing the right panel.  Though fit to height and fit to window options would be nice in addition to fit to width.

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I agree with the sentiment on this one.  My application is slightly different.  I used evernote's document camera to shoot multiple pages of a notebook into a single note.  Viewing those pages in a nice way in the windows version of Evernote is not easy.  The web version has a "gallery" view, which is helpful.  Generally speaking, the document scanning ability of Evernote is great.  But you didn't finish the workflow: viewing of the captured document is incomplete in Evernote for Windows.  Thx

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