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OSX Search not working

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Search doesnt seem to work on certain searches.

I've tried with quotes and non quotes. The content is there is the note but it can't seem to find it.

I've tried with Yosemite and Sierra, and i'm running the latest Evernote 6.10

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2 hours ago, JMac77 said:

Search doesnt seem to work on certain searches.

Can you give us specific examples of those "certain searches" that don't work

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Thanks for speedy reply

So let's use this as an example i searched for "Macgyver", also tried with single quotes and double quotes.

That word is clearly in a note.

I tried adding the word Macgyver to another note as a test and it did find it. Maybe it's a corrupted note or something?


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Is the word in the text in the missing notes, or in a picture or attachment?  If text, try simplifying the format around the word macgyver.  Sometimes hidden special characters can get in the way.

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Type macgyver somewhere else in the note and then see if that works.  That would tell you if the current macgyver text in the note is okay.

If not, something that has worked for me in the past is to create a new blank note and then merge that note with the problematic note.  Edit the temp note out of the new note and see if that works.  Basically you are creating a new version of the same note.  May or may not work in this case.

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Hi @JMac77,

If you run across this issue again, I would recommend trying the following steps to reindex your search database:

1. Open Evernote on your Mac
2. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard and select Help from your Mac's menu bar
3. Select Troubleshooting > Recreate Full Text Search Index

I hope that helps!

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