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Feature Request: Lock cursor to middle of note (on Y axis)



Sorry the title isn't incredibly descriptive.  I'll do my best.

Use case:
I use Evernote to take notes at long meetings sometimes.  During these, I find myself looking at the bottom of the screen the entire time.  This can be a little stressful, especially on a small height, widescreen laptop.  It does happen on a desktop as well, but less quickly.

I won't always know if I have to change the chronological order of a notion (so i can read it better), if I have to re-order something as a bullet list... and so on.  I have to make edits to the style of what I'm writing so that it will retain (or gain...) legibility once I'm done.  In order to be able to do this on the fly, I need some whitespace ahead of me.

This results in a UX where I have to hit Enter several times to get some whitespace, then move my cursor back to where I was.  Then I can fill it with new data, but then I'm constantly playing catch up with the "fake" whitespace I've inserted to give me some wiggle room.  In these moments, it feels like Evernote gets in my way.  Naturally I stay on the platform because of the robust tagging and organizational capacity.

In addition, there is some annoyance with having my eye fixed at the bottom of the window. It'd be a boon to ease of use and accessibility to have the full sized window, but keep the focus in the center.  In the use case where you're fixed on the bottom 6% of the window exclusively, it does induce some strain.

So my suggestion is to add a mode where we can toggle the cursor position on the Y-axis. As in, if the Y-axis is 100% of window size, I can lock the Y position of the cursor at 50%.

I can do this in writing apps like IaWrite, Scrivener.. etc. It's helpful to have a similar feature in note-taking apps, especially if the use case calls for agility in moving the content on the fly as I mention.

Thanks for listening!!

PS I've attached really basic PNGs to show what I'm talking about in case it's not immediately apparent.



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