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Default Tag per Notebook



I use EN for different things, such as notes for recording sessions and tracking bugs and features in my software job.  I find that I almost always apply the same tag to a note when it is first entered, depending on which notebook it's in (a software project, a recording project, home maintenance, etc.).  For example, a note about a software feature request is typically "Requested", while a bug report is "Submitted".  (Recording session notes don't usually have tags).  It would be useful if a Notebook could be set up to apply a specific tag to a new note based on the notebook.

It could also be useful if tags were organized by notebook as well, rather than being global.  Then when changing a tag, only tags that are relevant to that notebook are presented.  Of course this is most useful for those who have a lot of tags.


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As a workaround, I find it useful to script these repetitive functions
For example: On my Mac, a script addresses Move to notebook xxx; Apply tags xxx; Set title xxx yy/mm/dd aaaaaaaa

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