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(Archived) Some bad UI decisions

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The buttons in the toolbar don't indicate that their active when the mouse cursor hovers over them. It's not immediately clear that you can click on them.

The tags which are not selected are shown in grey. Grey labels indicate that they can't be clicked on, that they're disabled. But of course they can be clicked and selected. This should be changed so that the currently active tag is shown in bold and the others normal (but not grey!).

The "Create Notebook" dialog uses a combobox to select from two (!) notebook types. The hint text for each type is only shown once the notebook type is selected in the combobox.

Much better would be if the dialog was a little bit bigger, with the two nb types selectable with a simple radio button. And of course the hint text visible below each radio button so it's immediately visible what each nb type is for.

The "change dates" dialog to changed the different dates of notes has links to set the current date. A link is used to open a browser, not to execute an action. Please put a button there instead of a link.

The "Tag Assignement" dialog was discussed before for EverNote2.2 already, so I won't add more to that.

Maybe you guys should once have a look at the famous "Interface Hall Of Shame" http://homepage.mac.com/bradster/iarchitect/shame.htm. That's a great resource to learn how UIs should look like (the examples of course are there to show you how not to do it). And it could prevent you from having EverNote show up there too.





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