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Feature Request - Roll Back Notebook / Database

Eduardo Estefano


Evernote premium users can roll back a single note to a specific note version. I would like to be able to rollback the entire notebook, set of notebooks, or the entire database to a specific point in time.

This is usefull when working with a shared notebook and something really bad went wrong. Instead of doing one note at a time, this feature could save us a lot of time.

I know there is the possibility of exporting a notebook and doing a backup of it. But this is one of those extra workflows that people always forget to do or forget to make sure that is being done correctly. The problem with local backups is when you need to restore them and find out the backup script stopped running a few days ago.

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2 hours ago, Eduardo Estefano said:

I know there is the possibility of exporting a notebook and doing a backup of it.

My backup scripts are automated and run automatically without fail
However, there's another problem.
Lets say you have your backup files, and keep 10 versions (a fair amout of disk space)
And we can hope one of those versions is the one you need to restore

You have a valid request 
Currently you can use the Note History feature to restore notes (specifying a date)
If this is implemented, you would use the Note History feature to restore multi notes (specifying a notebook and date) 
I don't think it's a significant increase in data storage, but they would have to develop the processing 

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Hi.  I can see the attraction of this feature,  but I can also see a lot of issues from Evernote's point of view - not least of which is effectively doubling their current storage usage and significantly increasing their overhead by keeping backup copies of notebook level moves as well as note content changes.  In practical terms it's impossible to guard against every possible way in which a user might inadvertently mess up an account and provide a safety-net to prevent it - unless the product doubles in price,  there's no cost-justification for the provider.  Best advice for the moment - keep on taking the backups...

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