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Hi.  If you find that you need to make written notes for any reason,  then a Moleskine (or any other) notebook is a good way to keep your physical record while also photographing the pages and copying them into Evernote.  The branded Moleskine ones have features and accessories that are supposed to make filing and tagging the notes easier,  but any notebook will do broadly the same job.  Post-its are slightly more specialised - if you need reminders stuck to a monitor screen,  or your planning process involves sticking multi-coloured post-its to a wall,  it's them possible to take pictures as before and record the before and after layout into Evernote.

Your question is backwards though.  You're looking for ways to use tools that may not apply to your particular use case.  If you haven't already bought your lifetime supply of either item,  leave them be until you have a job that requires you use them...

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