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Using Evernote For MAC (Version 6.11 Beta 2 454647 Direct)

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17 minutes ago, WishIWasFishin said:

I'm looking to get away from tags

Mind explaining why you don't like tags?
Have you seen The Benefit of Using Tags  ?

18 minutes ago, WishIWasFishin said:

I'd like to be able to select multiple notes and add certain text to each note.

Example:  select 100 different notes and add #work_related_email

Evernote does not provide a way to do this. You could write an AppleScript to append the text to each of the selected Notes.
This would be much slower than assigning a tag to the selected Notes.

Also, searching for text in a Note Body is much slower than searching for a tag.

Your text "#work_related_email" looks  a lot like a tag. ;)
It is very, very, easy to add one (or more) tags to a selection of Notes.
After you select the Notes, just assign the tags (using a dropdown list) in the Tags area of the Multi-Note block.

In this particular case, if you use a tag for "work_related_email" (actually I'd have separate tags, "work", "email", and probably "personal"), then you don't have to worry about typos/spelling errors when you assign the tag (after it has been created).

Whereas, with adding the text to either the Title or the Note Body, you have to type the full tag every time, making it subject to typos.

But, the beauty of Evernote is you can always do it your way (well, unless the feature doesn't exist).  If you don't want to use Tags, then don't.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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6 hours ago, WishIWasFishin said:

I have over 4500 notes and I'm looking to get away from tags, and use search.  I'd like to be able to select multiple notes and add certain text to each note.

Example:  select 100 different notes and add #work_related_email

How can I do this without blowing Evernote up?


I add text to my notes using Applescript  (I copy the metadata (tags etc) to the end of the notes) 

You could also append your text to the title

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1 hour ago, WishIWasFishin said:

Maybe I just need to clean my tags up a bit.

Yep, been there done that, a couple of times.  ;)

When we start out, most often our organizational strategy will not be perfect, and will require adjustments along the way.
I also found I was over-tagging, and ended up with a bunch of tags assigned the only one or two Notes.
So, I've now learned when to actually use a tag, vs when to just put the seldom-used keyword in the Note Title.
It is now rare that I create a new tag.


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