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Over the past month none of my search words are being highlighted and none of the search results are being targeted in the results window. It'll show me which notebook has the result, but I have to go to each one separately and do a search for the keyword. Very time consuming. Before I could select a notebook result and go to the notebook and all the keywords would be highlighted (until I clicked in the notebook, which is a pain). What changed? Using version under Win 10.

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Hi.  I'm still getting highlighted search terms.  Have you tried rebooting your system?  If standard first aid doesn't work you could try rebuilding your search Index - Ctrl-click Help in the menu bar for an extended list of options.  Save a backup copy of your Databases folder to your desktop first just in case. 

See Evernote > Tools > Options > General for the location.

Second and Third options would be to

  • uninstall and reinstall the app (don't forget to keep that backup handy just in case)
  • File > exit Evernote and rename the old databases folder to Databases.old.  Log back in and allow the folder to be rebuilt from the server.


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On 02/05/2017 at 3:09 PM, Andrew.Moore said:

I use the web version of Evernote and have noticed that the search highlighting capability is no longer available. Did something change? Was this capability moved from the Plus subscription to the Premium?

Hi.  AFAIK search features are the same across all account levels.  Wasn't aware of any changes - especially not in the web client which is pretty much the orphaned child of the various client types.  Are you sure that every trace of highlighting is gone?  I don't use the web client on any regular basis - I don't even remember whether I ever saw highlighted search hits.  Some new development is supposed to be going on - maybe this is a symptom.

If this is continues to be an issue I'd suggest you reach out to support via Twitter on @EvernoteHelps

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