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Chrome bug

Eduardo Estefano


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12 minutes ago, Eduardo Estefano said:

@DTLow do you export and save them as ENEX files? I never did this to see if they are readable or not.

ENEX files are used for EN import, and are not easily readable

@JohnLongney uses PDF (requires a conversion) but I just use the native HTML export.

It can't be used for mass import, but it's readable/editable

You should give it a try - it's easy to do a sample on the Windows/Mac platforms

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5 hours ago, Glennie said:

Those who aren't paying a subscription may feel that they are lucky for any help they get.

Those who are paying have every right to be righteously indignant when they are ignored.

Look at this way, if a free product is good and reliable the inclination towards paying for extra features and services goes up, whereas the inclination to pay goes down if a feature one pays for is broken for an indeterminate length of time. The advice for using another browser until the problem has been sorted is terrific. I am Windoze user and Chrome is the only browser useable. IE and Edge are not for me. Mozilla Firefox is a memory hog of the worst kind, Webclipper login broken as well.

Chrome is the browser at the top, not just in my ranking, but as statistics show, with others too. Google also actively engage themselves in internet security and therefore implement changes. If a thousand and more web applications keep on working smoothly and Evernote breaks down badly then somebody at Evernote failed disastrously. Evernote ,like all applications, is subordinate to operating systems and in this case also to browsers. Full stop.

























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chocolate please :D

BTW,  my personal solution is automated backup to Dropbox, pdf format. Nothing disappears, easy to read, scaling to various devices also no problem. Best of all, notebooks turn into ordinary folders. In other words, things for me are in a way going back to the basics of file management. 

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On 2017-02-21 at 2:52 AM, Eduardo Estefano said:

I use dropbox too and I think dropbox as a file management system, not a note taking app.

I also export my notes to a cloud drive as backup to Evernote
This allows me access to my notes if Evernote fails for whatever reason, temporarily or long term
It's functional, there's a search feature
Its not intended as replacement for Evernote; just a fall-back

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In my opinion, Evernote is still by far the best note taking application out there. I use dropbox too and I think dropbox as a file management system, not a note taking app. And vice versa, Evernote is not a file management app.

Dropbox has come out with dropbox paper. I did try it but it is years behind Evernote (although they have a really nice task assignment functionality that I think Evernote could copy).

Out of topic now, but I do wish that they would integrate Dropbox with Evernote but go further and display the docs inline. Also, it would be nice to have an integration for Slack, simple way to paste a note inside Slack without having to create a public link.

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Oh yes, very much aware of, raised a ticket something like 2 weeks ago, issue will be seen to.

Some people reported success, in my instance, despite intensive cache and cookie cleaning the "tiny" annoyance just stuck up its finger and yelled "back again". 

Some of the staff at Evernote are as good as you'd get anywhere but some even fail the art of proper communication. Even now, after countless complaints no such thing as a sticky note, never mind an apology. 

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