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Interesting error message in FF/Windows 10


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Recently I got an error message in Firefox that a Skitch related Javascript stopped working. Now I wonder why I get this one, though I did not use Skitch for a long time, and the addon is not even installed? Could it mean the Web Clipper, while it writes "Skitch"?

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It did not prevent me doing anything - I just had to kill  Firefox with the task manager to be able to use my computer again. 

I didn't use Firefox for a long time, but intended to use it again. So, I installed it again (fresh), installed web clipper, ublock, noscript, and my favorite bookmarking addon (diigo, which I used for years already). Within the first week I felt so stressed by a really really slow web experience that I decided to go back to a Chrome based browser (Iron browser) today. :-)

Edit: I must say, I was surprised, that FF still knew my old bookmarks,... though it was not installed on my computer for almost a year. I decided to install it again, because I really missed some good equivalent to noscript in Chrome.


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Long time ago I had Skitch installed, but it does not appear under "addons" now, and in the meanwhile I uninstalled and installed Firefox multiple times. That's why I felt confused why FF complains a JS file with Skitch in its name stopped responding. I cannot reproduce this behavior for now.

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Hmmn.  Firefox is not the most stable of browsers,  and it's a memory hog on my system,  but it does the job - usually - though I get the odd crash.  I'd ignore the problem unless and until it starts to recur...

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