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Color-coded tags for Mac



Add optional color-coding for tags in Evernote for Mac, so that a note with the tag "Needs work" could appear highlighted in red in my notebook, while a note with the tag "Done" could appear highlighted in green, for example. This functionality already exists, as I understand it, for Windows, but it has yet to be added to the Mac side.

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Yes, please!!!  Ability to color code notebooks, tags and notes would be such an asset when managing complex workflow.  Already a function for windows users...please welcome Mac users to this rudimentary party.  Otherwise, love Evernote.  Thanks for all you do!

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Would love colour tags/ labels.
Also would be nice to be able to search by colour & not just text
If windows has had this feature for a while then this seems like something that should be part of unifying the platforms, where each platform can do the same thing

Anyways, + 1 for colour tags

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