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Notification to shared note changes



Would love for there to be the option to set a notification if a shared note is changed by another user. 

i.e. staff changes a note and I need to make sure they didn't ***** up the note, I want an email or pop up notice of the change so I can reverse the change if needed easily without having to sift through editions to find where the error by staff was made. 

I'm currently refusing to allow editing privileges to staff, because I've had issues in the past with them changing things they shouldn't -- this would allow me to monitor changes and assess as needed till I know they can be trusted not to mess something up!

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Why is this not an option in evernote yet?  A quick google search shows people have been asking for it for years.  Apparently its only not a built in feature that a 3rd party can continue to profit?  This should be a built in feature especially in the pay for pro version of evernote.  very frustrating.

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