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(Archived) Problems reading notes created on MAC in Android




I have a new Macbook Pro and just ran into a problem with Evernote on my android. Just upgraded the Mac version 1.9.0 and it didn't solve the problem. I have no problem seeing notes that were created on a Windows XP on the android, but I can't see the ones created on the Mac. I had the market android version and tried the beta one and the same problems are on both.

I get some message about java language illegal (or something like that, it goes away pretty quick).

Help?? Thanks, Phil

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I just updated to 1.4 on Android (HTC Incredible). I updated Evernote on my Mac 1.9.0 (OS X 10.6.3).

I can now read notes that have been created and/or edited on my Mac. However I cannot edit these notes on my Android phone. I get a java error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: entity replacement text must be defined after setInput!

So we are almost there ;)

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We had a bad version in the Android Market last night for a few hours which did not allow you to Edit existing notes.

We fixed that with an update this morning: Version 1.4 (84727)

If you see a different number in the "About" menu screen, then update to the latest version on the Market.


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