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"Couldn't save the note [note title]" error on Evernote web



While editing a particular note, and doing lots of big edits at the same time (say replacing a whole lot of data at the same time), suddenly an error message shows up saying "Couldn't save the note [note title]" upon Evernote web, when it automatically tries to save the note. (Screenshot attached)


Due to this, I've lost a large chunk of data from that particular note which I edited, as when I reloaded the note, the old data was lost and the new edits were not saved.

This issue needs to be fixed.

Possible solutions:

1) Either auto-save should be disabled and notes should be saved only if user clicks SAVE button. (Which is quite limiting the already available feature, not recommended)

2) Note edits should be stopped while evernote is trying to save the instance of note over web. (Another limiting solution, not recommended)

3) Note edits should be stored as cache so that even if the data connection (internet connection) is lost or if there is some error in saving the note over web, the data is retained over the web page which the User then can use again for saving the note after solving any saving or syncing error.

Is any other solution possible for this problem? I must say, the problem is quite frequent in my case, as there are lots of big edits over one single note from one single login, without stopping for evernote to save the note. Do share your views.

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Hi.  The web client hasn't been updated from what was a 2015 feature-poor 'beta' version of an original launched a long time ago.*  The web has moved on. 

New development is promised - and hopefully may do something about data that is lost like this.  But I've had the same experience across the web - with social media,  authentication forms,  blog posts...  from time to time the browser code running the page from which I'm trying to post (exactly like the window I'm typing in now...) occasionally loses the plot before the content even leaves my computer and dumps me back to an empty,  or a compromised screen.

The workaround I developed before I even started to use Evernote,  was to use another app - notepad or Word etc - to draft my response,  then cut and paste the result into the web window.  A bit of fine tuning might still be necessary - but if the web window crashes,  all I've lost is the tuning,  not the last 20 minutes work.  Or I can attach the output file from my chosen application - a DOCX file forinstance - to the note,  also copying and pasting the content to the note just so I have some index words for searches.  I can reopen the application file on any device that can run that application to make further edits.  The note content doesn't need to be kept strictly up to date - it's search fodder only.

I'm not sure what,  if anything,  can be done about browser crashing in general - it might be due to your hard drive or memory,  other software on your device,  web traffic or a slow or intermittent internet or network connection.  The sure-fire cure is already available - use the installed desktop version of Evernote which saves notes locally.  Making web entry totally safe might be more difficult.

* An update is,  allegedly,  coming:  https://blog.evernote.com/tech/2016/10/17/bringing-micro-services-to-the-client-side-project-ion-and-micro-components

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Hi. I am waiting for the green check sign (upper right corner) to be completed for saving the changes. If it is all green there is no problem. But if the green check sign is not completed your note is all gone. While testing I' ve copied the text in a Word document and it crashed and did not save the changes.

This can make one a paranoid. You can not check every time using it on the web. Since I am new to this company I prefer to use Evernote on web but I did not sign up for this kind of insecurity. I hope the solution will be on its way ASAP...

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On 15/05/2017 at 2:53 PM, Rovver said:

While testing I' ve copied the text in a Word document and it crashed and did not save the changes.

Hi.  I did suggest that if you're writing more than a few words or attaching a file to a note it's best to routinely use something like Word that (should) save to your local hard drive.  If that's also crashing you may have more than just an issue with Evernote Web.  AFAIK Evernote isn't working on this directly - they're looking for ways to improve sync for the installed version,  which may indirectly help with browser issues.  But if you want them to do something about your specific use case you should reach out to Support directly if you're a paying customer on https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new or tweet them if not via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

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