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Reminders Bug

Michael Goulding


Hi, I have a very repeatable bug, where any note that has a reminder that I change on another device, throws up a notification on my android phone when it next syncs. 

ie tonight.... reminder for a note on windows was set for tonight, I changed it to next month. Five minutes later my phone pings with a new notification for that note. I tap the notification and it opens the note and sure enough the reminder time is next month (as it should be).

This has been an issue for many months, if not years. I just keep notifications blocked on my phone normally as this drives me nuts.

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Hmmm, I did wonder when I looked at the two options...I picked here because I don't need help, I wanted to provide feedback on a bug. But neither forum really look like a place to report a bug do they. ;)




Android Product Feedback

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3 hours ago, Michael Goulding said:

But neither forum really look like a place to report a bug do they. ;)

Actually I would have chosen the feedback forum for feedback posts.  It's also used for feature requests, and they should be titled as "Feature Request - aaaaaaaaa"

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