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Flexibility to create notes in columns without using Tables



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Hi.  Evernote is not Dreamweaver or MS Publisher - it has trouble with anything more than basic tables,  so sophisticated layouts are not an option.  If you can create such a layout in another application however,  it is usually possible to copy and paste them into Evernote - or just attach the output file to a note so it can edited further when necessary...

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6 minutes ago, evernote user for life said:

This seems limiting. One Note has much more flexibility on how to structure notes

Standard advice for better formatted notes,  is:  use a word processor.  A lot of my Office and Mindmap files are attached to notes so they are available to view and edit in compatible software wherever I am.  Providing the same level of formatting in Evernote as either or both of my go-to apps for those files would mean menus covering most of a laptop screen.  And Evernote's version of formatting might not be compatible with,  or as good as the stand-alone apps I use.  Plus Evernote would probably be 10 times more expensive to cover the development cost.

OneNote are sheltered by the Microsoft umbrella and they started from a different place.  Maybe they have a better product - only time will tell.  I do know it doesn't work for me in any way shape or form.

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