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(Archived) Suggestion - Using linked files

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I would like to see Evernote be able to use a file found on my computer hard drive WITHOUT having to create a duplicate one somewhere else (in Evernote folder). This way when I make changes in the original file it will be reflected in Evernote, where ever it is opened.

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They used to have this capability. It seems like they dropped it because they are worried about synch compatibility (what happens when you click this link on your second computer, where the linked document doesn't exist?) I think users will understand that links to local files won't work on a different computer, but EN will want to have an elegant user experience for this case. Perhaps they could store the name of the computer where the file exists, and pop up a message that says "this link refers to a file on Dan's Work Laptop."

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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