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Organize Stacks in Stacks (Sub Stacks)




I want to organize Evernote in such a way that I have as few root directories as possible, wich minimizes scroling. After using Evernote for an extended period of time I ran in to the problem of having to scroll through my stacks to find the one Im looking for, this is a tedious process on mobile, where searching for the right notebook is not as fast as when using a keyboard.


My solution to the problem is to enable stacking of stacks. Think of it as levels in a bookshelf, where each level represent a different category of books. This would enable you to represent different areas of your life, making the select syncing process easier (say you want to only sync job related notes on your work PC). 


Visual representation of "Stacks in Stacks"

Bold text represents top-level stacks, which represent areas of my life

"" represents Sub-stacks

"◦" represents Notebooks

represents Notes


  • Highschool
    • Grade 1
      • All  notes for this grade
    • Grade 2
      • All  notes for this grade
    • Etc.
  • University
    • Year 1
      • Math 101
        • All Notes for this course
      • English 1 
        • All Notes for this course
      • Etc.
    • Year 2
      • Math 102
        • All Notes for this course
      • Etc.
  • Certificates



  • Recipes:
    • Vegan
    • Vegetarian 
    • Standard
  • Projects
  • TODO
    • Shopping List
  • Receits
    • Etc.



  • Programming
    • C#
      • Links 
    • Python



  • (2017)
    • ([Project Name])
  • Ect


Please let me know what you think of sub-stacks (Stacks in stacks). What would be a good name for this feature? Shelves? Super-stacks?


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4 hours ago, SwedudeOne said:

Please let me know what you think of sub-stacks (Stacks in stacks). What would be a good name for this feature? Shelves? Super-stacks?

There is a similar request referring to Nesting and SubNotebooks

The simpler term is Hierarchy

Evernote has not indicated an interest in this, although they did implement Notebook Stacks

The Evernote solution is to organize with Tags, which allows an unlimited hierarchy

Another benefit of tags is that if a note fits multiple categories, multiple tags can be assigned


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I agree, having sub stacks or being able to stack stacks would be a huge benefit. I understand the use of tags but when you're dealing with 100's of potential notebooks, trying to remember a tag may be difficult. I want to use evernote for Real Estate but I find it very difficult to use, actually counter intuitive. Doesn't it make sense to create a stack first, then create or move notebooks into it? Instead I have to create two notebooks first, then merge them together to create a stack, then rename the stack. I love evernote, but you guys dropped the ball here. I run 3 businesses, I'd like to have a hierarchy

Business 1


          Notebooks by address


          Notebooks by address


     Closed Transactions

          Closed Transactions 2016

                    notebooks by address

           Closed Transanctions 2015

                    notebooks by address

Business 2

ETC... you get the idea. If you look at the hierarchy of closed transactions it goes 4 levels deep. This is an abbreviated example. I could go at least 10 levels. I hope evernote will entertain a change or come up with a solution. Tags just don't work for some businesses, for example if I had a client I sold a house to years ago but I can't recall their name or address, I wouldn't be able to find them with tags. But If I had sub stacks I could go to my closed transactions for 2005-2007 and look at the notebooks in each stack until I came across their notebook

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