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Tags (Create/Rename/Move)

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A while ago, on the left menu bar, it was possible to create new tags, move them to another position of your “tags structure", and rename them. All of this very easily, including the possibility do it very fast just right-clicking

With one of the updates, that changed completely, and since then all these 3 things can now only be done in the "Tags page" (see attached picture)

To me, the tags are the feature that interest the most of Evernote, so this change was REALLY annoying. In fact, I started using Dropbox more and more since then...

Could you please make an update to make those 3 things available again on the left bar menu???

Thanks a lot!!!

Gonzalo (Madrid-Spain)

Captura de pantalla 2017-02-12 09.44.11.png

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Dear Evernote!


I would like to ask you for the same things.

It's really uncomfortable to open every time that you need to reorganize your tags the tags page... 

If you create the special tag for every project and you have to move it from " to-do" to "done", for example, you have to work tags page and deroll every tag's pile before you can place the new tag in it.

The power of Evernote is the tags, but there is no way to do it quickly and friendly. 


Best regards.

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